How to make your website SEO friendly

If you want your website to have a high rank and conquer the search engines, then you will have to understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. There are umpteen marketing agents involved in SEO activities and almost 90% of them have the same thing to say. They will straightaway point to the fact that the algorithms that Google has come up with are simply too tedious and taxing. On top of that, these algorithms for SEO are too time-consuming as well as flexible, which means that Google keeps on changing its algorithms. This is what coaxes most people into choosing different traffic monitoring methods in order to make their websites SEO friendly. All you have to do is incorporate a few changes in order to make it easier for you to bring people to your web pages. It is immensely imperative that we understand how to choose keywords and why we need to make alterations to our websites.

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Monitoring statistics and links

There are lots of ways that you can use in order to keep a track of the links as well as the statistics to your website. One efficient way of doing that is to make use of Google webmaster tools or Google analytics. Through these tools, you will be able to access and track the progress made by your website. All you have to do is type a small code snippet to whichever webpage that you want to record. There is one trick that most of the SEO experts nowadays recommend to their clients. Whenever you add some photos to your web pages in order to make them look interesting, just make sure that the pics are uploaded directly onto your website and not on any other links which the users will be directed to. You certainly want your link to be the one and only source to the pictures that you include in your website.

Marketing Your Business Online

Furthermore, it is always a good ethic to include tags as well as titles, so that the photos are recognized by the search engines. One fact is that search engines are designed in such a way so as to emphasize on videos and photos, so these are effective ways to attract traffic to your site. Keywords are certain words that are typed by the users on search engines. There are two types of keywords namely long-tail keywords i.e. the ones that have many words such as “Let us attract traffic to our website” and short-tail keywords such as “Work at home”. Trend and statistics point to the fact that short-tail keywords are searched relatively more than long-tail ones, which goes on to say that you should incorporate more short-tail keywords in the articles that you put on your website.

How to find good keywords

Google has its own search tool known as keyword planner which helps users in finding good keywords that are trending and are free to use. The main aim of any search engine is to ensure that the information available with keywords is relevant enough as this is exactly what ranks websites. Furthermore, it also gives an idea regarding the algorithms that are used for search engine optimization and how these algorithms are structured.

Thus, assigning titles and relevant tags to your web pages is immensely important for the ranking of your website. If you are putting pictures on your website to attract users to your pages, then make sure each and every picture is titled and same goes for the videos. Also, the size of media matters as a large file will take longer time to load, so make sure you use a software that compresses the size without drastically affecting its quality. There are lots of software programs available on the internet that will allow you to do so.

You website has to make the perfect impression, not only on any regular user, but also on someone who understands what a good website looks like. If you have quality articles but very few short-tail keywords, then the chances of a good ranking become relatively low as opposed to an average article rich with short-tail keywords that are trending. A perfect mixture of top-notch quality and smartness in implementing quality SEO methods will push your website straight to the top of search engines.

We would also like to advise you to seek guidance from SEO experts as they know how a website should look like, and they will be able to guide you in the correct direction.

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